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Welcome to the STREHLER website

After a long journey, our new brand STREHLER watches has finally reached its first milestone: The Sirna.

The brand STREHLER and the Sirna watch are the brainchildren of well-known master watchmaker Andreas Strehler and his UhrTeil AG.

The Sirna is completely made in-house, according to Andreas Strehler’s development and his technical and esthetical design. The movement is our first automatic caliber the SA-30. The titanium dial is really the star, between shiny and matt reflections.

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Watch the video on STREHLER and the creation of the Sirna

This video gives you an idea of how we do things in our workshop. With our array of machines, we are able to manufacture bridges, screws, dials, watch hands, etc. Practically, we can make complete movements and watches (but we do not make sapphire crystals, rubies or lubricants). The finishing and decorating of all components is also done in our workshop. From the beginning, we chose a mix of modern CNC techniques and hand work, allowing us to be flexible and reaching the level of quality we are aiming for.

To reach our high standards of finishing we build our own machines, operated by our talented and committed mechanics and watchmakers. They are the heart and soul of our workshop.

It all started in Sirnach

Discover how Andreas Strehler created the new brand Strehler, his interpretation of an everyday watch and his passion for watchmaking.

The Story

Bespoke order

Looking for a bespoke handmade piece? STREHLER may not be suited for special demands, but Andreas Strehler will be happy to discuss a bespoke order with you.

Andreas Strehler