The Story

Independence and craftsmanship

Who we are

STREHLER is an independent Swiss watchmaker based in Sirnach, in the german speaking part of Switzerland between the Alps and the Lake Constance. Founded in 2023 by the watchmaker Andreas Strehler, recognized for his ingenuity and quality work over the years. The brand essence derived from the elegant and timeless design and construction that Andreas Strehler is used to produce through the timepieces bearing his own name. But with a more attainable approach and design than the handmade pieces usually leaving his workshop.

In 2020, the idea of an everyday watch that can be worn for every occasion, fitting almost every type of style was born in the mind of the watchmaker. But even though the goal was to make something different, it was never an option to propose low quality. Keeping the high standards of manufacturing and finishing was crucial, as well as a robust development to the calibers. The advantage of having the knowledge and the competencies to do every creation step internally is that you can work on it whenever you have time. And that is how the first caliber the SA-30 was developed by Andres Strehler, and the followed the design of the complete watch with the help of Eric Giroud, a renown designer in the watch industry. The result is a brand proposing timepieces with a timeless design, a robust movement tested and approved by the watchmaker himself, as well as an artistic griffe that is recognizable among the other independent brands. Compared to the usual Andreas Strehler’s piece of art, that we qualify as high horology, the STREHLER pieces fall into what we call “Belle Horlogerie”.

The STREHLER style

Between elegant and industrial design, STREHLER timepiece embodies high level of craftmanship with incomparable quality. The timeless but recognizable design is one of our root. Even though our founder is a huge fan of Breguet’s work, it was decided to not be too classical in our views on watchmaking. Even if the functioning of a 3 hand is basic, we opted for strong materials, high quality production method and long lasting construction and design. That is why for example on our first piece the Sirna, the dial is made out of titanium but rather than having a blue coating on it to get it its color, the dial is anodized which modify the color of the material itself, making sure that the color will not fade over the course of time. STREHLER watches are made to last a whole life and more, an heritage that can be gifted to future generations.

The workshop

The STREHLER pieces are developed, manufactured, finished, assembled and regulated inside our workshop in Sirnach. The workshop is fully equipped with traditional watchmaking machines as well as modern mean of production like CNC machines and lasers.

We have a competent team composed of mechanics, watchmaker as well as an engraver managing the lasers and hand engraved creations. Thanks to them, we cover every stage of the production of a wristwatch.

The workshop is located in a building welcoming UhrTeil AG and the atelier of Andreas Strehler as well. The building was used in the past as a textile fabric, notably for the lace of Sankt Gallen, which was famous in the XIX and XX century.

But why a watch manufacture in this secluded place in Thurgau? First that is because Andreas Strehler is born int Winterthur which is close to our workshop, and secondly because we can keep secrets where we currently are, which is a bit harder in the French part of Switzerland where many manufactures are placed, it is hard to meet clients in a restaurant without seeing colleagues from other production site. In addition, we are also happy to provide a special activity to the region, promoting locally the watchmaking knowledge.

Our movements

Thanks to our several years of knowledge in the development of complicated and robust calibers for diverse brands within the watch industry, we were able to complete the development of our SA-30 in a short period of time, while maintaining a high quality and few issues that were then resolved to get to the level of quality where we currently are.

Luckily, we are among the few independent that can propose an automatic in-house caliber entirely made in house. We are independent in terms of movement development, their quality standards while being able to express our creativity freely. All our movements are developed in house by Andreas Strehler, allowing us to be flexible in the design and creation process.

New development and models will shape the future of STREHLER.

Andreas Strehler

Engineer for the brands, watchmaker for the few

“I am a Watchmaker.“

Andreas Strehler likes to describe himself simply as a watchmaker. In fact, he is one of the most recognised watchmakers of our time. He is a Prix Gaïa laureate and a member of the AHCI, the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants.

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UhrTeil AG

UhrTeil AG is a micromechanical design, engineering and manufacturing company in Sirnach, near Lake Constance, in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

UhrTeil AG was founded and is managed by Andreas Strehler who has been an independent watchmaker since 1995. He designs, constructs and manufactures complicated watches under his own name.

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The Sirna is our first model, but surely not the last. We have many cool ideas for future timepieces. Stay tuned!

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